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Breaking News – Dancehall Artist Teejay and Shenseea Three Friends Got Shot And Killed

“All now me cya believe dis jah know unu neva afi kill im” Are the exact words said by dancehall Artiste Shenseea, Thursday, June 4, 2020, there was a triple in the community of Waltham, Mall Road. The deceased men are known as “Grimmy Boss, Affo Don, and Snow Man,

All three men are very close to Romeich Entertainment team which consist of dancehall artists like “Teejay Uptop, Shenseea, kash, and others.

The Cause of there death is still unknown, but social media users are stating that the three-man that were killed on mall road was also criminal their selves  while others are saying that because the three men starting to be around dancehall artist teejay more other criminals starting to get jealous and scared that teejay will start to use his money that he makes of music and support them by buying guns, ammunition & other illegal items for them.

Dancehall Artist Teejay seems to take the situation to heart and more seriously than the other members of Romeich Entertainment team, reason for this is because the three deceased men are closer to teejay than any of the other members on the team, Grimmy Boss is also said to be Teejay’s right-hand man that is willing to do anything teejay asks of him.

Teejay removes all the post he made on his social media platforms and is seems the be in mourning now more information coming soon please to click the bell icon to be notified & get updates on what’s going on.

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