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Breaking News – Mass Shallow Graves Found In Spanish Town ( SEE PICTURE INSIDE)

Police are now probing a plot of land in Rivoli, St Catherine after investigators found what appears to be human remains in the area.

Following up on intelligence leads, investigators went to the area on Tuesday morning, and, after hours of searching using Cadaver dogs, the remains were found.

Several bones were found at the location and we are carrying out more checks to gather more information on what was discovered,” one officer, who is part of the investigating team, told venom sawse.

At least two bodies and skeleton remains have been found so far, our news team has been informed.

Sources claim the land is believed to be a burial site used by one of the notorious Spanish Town-based gangs

The development follows last month’s discovery of five bodies in two shallow graves on a property located close to Sandy Gully and Washington Boulevard. Four missing Clarendon men were among the five corpses


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