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(VIDEO INISDE) Dancehall Artist Spice Went Crazy Because These Celebrities Are Not Supporting George Floyd

Dancehall artiste spice breaks down why black lives matter and call out all the white celebrities that claim they love black people but are not supporting them, Spice stated that so many Black Lives has being taken innocently but no one really cares because all they do is just go on Instagram and make a post like they’re with us and ready to support us when they are needed.

George Floyd dies and the only persons we have seen taking actions are just the people, People of no status where are all the celebrities where are all the people of status that our Black People help to be somewhere in life.

I don’t see Taylor Swift, Justin Beiber, Kim Kardashian, Tom Cruise, Kenya west, and Other in the streets of L.A protesting with the black community, and why is that, because they’re too nice to be in the streets with our black people or because they’re not on our side?

They are just here to use and refuse us and we need to realize that and stop supporting them with there Tasks, It’s time to make a change start to support each other stop hurting each other let them see that we can do without them, we are who we are and nothing can change that our ancestors have already fought this battle for us and win so because that can’t stand to lose they are taking this new fight to this new generation but like what our ancestors have done before we need to do it also and that’s STAND AND FIGHT THE ENEMIES WITH EACH OTHER AND WIN THIS BATTLE. #BLACKLIVESMATTER #R.I.P #GEORGEFLOYD


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