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Ellen DeGeneres Gets Emotional While Speaking Out About George Floyd ( Video Inside)

Ellen DeGeneres has been supporting the #blacklivesmatter movement from the starting by just make word posts to her social media platform, but now for the first time, she has made a video showing her true and deeper feelings toward the situation with George Floyd.
You can see the pain in her eyes that she really mean what she is saying and she is for the people, not one person or one race but for all.
 Ellen explains how it has been going on for decades now and yet still nothing have changed and there need to be a change the human race needs to understand that everyone is all flesh and blood it doesn’t matter the skin type or the race they’re from we need to are supporting each other instead of fighting & hurting one another.

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These are just some of the posts Ellen Made on her social media platform.

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From my dear friend tWitch. #repost @sir_twitch_alot ・・・ Seriously, what’s it going to take to prove our lives are valuable. I didn’t even know how to approach this. I see and feel the anger on my timeline and I see it on the TV. But then what? Then what? Just a few weeks ago we were yelling about Ahmaud, then Breonna, now yet another King was murdered in broad daylight. In my post about Ahmaud I said we can’t become desensitized. We can’t leave this alone after the hashtags stop trending. These acts are products of a system that needs to be broken. To be infiltrated. But it has to happen after the headlines calm down. This anger and drive is fuel but we have to work at shutting bullshit like this down everyday! Holding people accountable. Even when you might be the only one to speak up. I don’t know where im going with this caption but im sick. Im sad. Rest in power to this King and love to his family for having to endure this. How many hashtags do our black bodies have to make trend before a shift happens.? How many? #justiceforgeorgefloyd #blacklivesmatter #takeaction

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