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Jamaican’s are rioting over the killing of this young man by police,Wrong Indentity (Video Inside)

Even though the cause of this murder is not known as yet, Tensions are high in the St Andrew community of Cockburn Pen after it was alleged that police killed a man this morning. Residents set a car on fire and threw debris on to the road at the Waltham Park and Hagley Park Road intersection in protest of the killing. Police have since gotten the protest under control.
We will keep you up to date with what’s going on.
These are some comments from social media users.
Police a gwaan bad, bad man a gwaan bad but a only police alone unno can highlight. 19 persons were murdered over the weekend. Weh the ” bad man a gwaan bad” post dem? Protest peacefully but it’s not right to be throwing stones on people car who a going about them business. Cuz best believe me if all this morning me a drive pass and nobody fling stone pan my car me would a run dem over.
I stand with u guys with protesting against the injustice from the police but please be safe and do it peacefully❤
If police neva have it on them track record fi kill innocent youth me wouldn’t affi a raise me eyebrows at them 🤨… ano everybody that them kill guilty and it’s not everyone they kill innocent… so if they killed an innocent man someone needs to be held accountable 😒
This is good I want to see this same energy for gunman,rapist and corrupt government.but please don’t falla America and riot and burn down oo community cause in the end a oo nuh same 1 ago suffer.
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