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mackerel say she glad marriedman suck her the best

The Tek Weh People Man sensation, Ladasha Francis, more popularly known as Mackerel, continues to be dragged by internet users who viewed a viral video from her recent birthday party, where things seemingly got out of hand with a male guest of the party.

The man called ‘Munchi’ can be seen in the video, holding Mackerel in various positions with very little resistance from the entertainer.

Mackerel’s best friend, Abby, who appears in numerous videos on social media with the entertainer and shares her youtube channel, is said to have been one of the person’s recording the video that went viral.

“Mackerel is not 100% sane! That’s quite obvious she’s indeed of some help n some positive ppl around her,” one Instagram user commented under a video posted with the entertainer and her best friend on her page yesterday.

May 28 was the famous Instagram influencer Mackerel birthday and she went crazy on her day she went and keep a private house party which turns out to be a secret freak fest, you can see where Mackerel and Friends got very expletive and starting to perform activities

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