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Mom and Daughter Lose Nearly 200 Pounds by Dancing To 80s Music

Whenever we want to lose weight we need professional medical advice, a change of habits, willpower, and motivation from our family and friends. Jaime Allison and her daughter Calista Jean Jones had something like this. Thanks to the support of each other and their inner circle, they began to practice a fun dance for months and lost about 195 pounds between the 2 of them.

Venom Sawse learned the details of this incredible story in which both mother and daughter overcame all their fears regarding the obesity they were suffering from.

Motivating oneself with a “little bit” of emotion to change a lifestyle.

Jaime, 40, and Calista, 18, like most of us, started the first day of the year with the premise of improving their physical condition and health. It was then, in 2016, when they decided to make their first adjustments with a little bit of fun, after enrolling in what appeared to be dance classes.

An ’80s dance that changed their lives for the better in 3 years

However, they discovered that they would be practicing Jazzercise, a discipline that was born in the ’80s and which combines dance choreography and jazz through changes in styles and genres, with resistance activities, yoga, Pilates, and kickboxing.

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You're my inspiration ♥️

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Benefitting those around them on a daily basis thanks to their changes

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Having your soul mate by your side during your journey is the absolute best! @weightwatchers has helped @davidalanallison and i lose 153lbs!!!!! Better together is so stinkin true. We plan together, grocery shop together, cook together, attend meetings together and we are LIVING FULLY TOGETHER! We are so thankful for this program and beyond stoked about #wwfreestyle. We switch over on Saturday and can’t wait! Change is hard but change is GOOD. Thank you Weight Watchers for helping us get our lives back to healthy living. This program works. #transformationtuesday #wwhubbywifeyteam #wwbettertogether #jmegetsfitwithwwandjazzercise #wwlifetime #weightlossjourney #weightwatchers #ww #weightwatcherssmartpoints #weightwatcherscommunity #beyondthescale #wwalabama #wwsisterhood #livefully #jazzercise #jazzercisejunkie #glutenallergy #livingwitheoe #happy #onedayatatime #heismystrength

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When both mother and daughter began to see improvements, they also realized that they were not the only beneficiaries, as the family’ s father also managed to lose some weight and was fundamental in supporting the ladies. “We plan together, grocery shop together, cook together, attend meetings together, and we are LIVING FULLY TOGETHER!,” Jaime said in a post, where she also highlighted that at that time they had already lost 153 pounds together.

Obesity is a concerning problem in the United States.

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To say I’ve been hard on myself here lately is an understatement. I pick myself apart. Up on the scale. Over goal. Completely upset with myself. I work hard at this maintenance thing. Not perfect. I workout hard. Meal Prep. Track my food daily. Get my steps in. Focus on my goals. But…I have to make some much needed changes. I just wanted to live without constant worry about the number. It’s owning me. My mom and I were talking and I realized every time I’ve reached my goal. I have never been satisfied. It’s never been enough. Why??? • April 1st my gym is having a challenge. I’m so unbelievably ready. To crush goals and get back where I need to be. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually. I will not think negative thoughts anymore. Stop being stubborn. I WILL get it together. • Please if there is anything I can stress enough is to love yourself through the season you are in. Be satisfied. Don’t listen to others negativity. Do you. Love you. Be you. Believe and know we all struggle. Before. During. After. Our Journey. It’s never over. Continuously learning and fighting. If we want it bad enough we have to be consistent. Strong. Courageous. Persistent. Ok. • YOU ARE AMAZING. Beautiful. STRONG. Brave. Believe in yourself. Let’s do this!! • #transformationtuesday @ww @trussvillegetsfit @jazzerciseinc @templework1 #mystory #livinghealthierandhappier #jmegetsfitwithwwjazzercisetemplework #ww #wwfreestyle #wellnessthatworks #wwlifetime #wwalabama #weightlossjourney #livefully #jazzercise #trussvillegetsfit #templework #wod #happy #onedayatatime #heismystrength #mypurpose

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The evolution of this family is both admirable and worrisome. According to data obtained by the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in 2017, it was estimated that 40% of all Americans suffered from obesity. However, both mother and daughter managed to turn this problem around in their lives, which in the end helped them lose about 195 pounds together.

The way to avoid this is by sheer free will.

“Thank you for being one amazing workout partner! This workout has completely changed us!,” exclaimed the mother in a message on her Instagram account, to thank and highlight what her daughter has accomplished in the “challenge.”

The best decision with amazing results worth sharing

After 3 years, the girls recognize that “persistence and self-esteem” led them to take the big step that is now recognized around the world. “Today you see that smile?? That’s joy […] I love the reflection in the mirror […] Knowing at that moment how hard I’ve worked to get here. It wasn’t overnight. It was one day at a time. Embracing the process. Not comparing myself to anyone else. […] Find what keeps you on point. Give it your all. Don’t lose focus. Track, weigh, and measure every bite. Get in your activity. Water. Eat foods that fuel you,” Jaime said.

What comment does this story about this mother and daughter deserve? Have you ever challenged yourself to change your habits and transform your life? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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