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Spirit Lead Jamaican Woman into a Forest, Stuck her in a Tree Trunk and Left Her To Die (VIDEO)

This video is now circulating on the internet with a strange and bizarre woman found stuck in a tree in the forest by 2 Jamaican fishermen.

It is very unusual for sightings like this but what got everyone puzzle is how she’s in the tree trunk that is very small,

And when the two fishermen ask how did she get there she said she walks, walk from where ask the two fishermen her response was shocking for many viewers, Up Above she replied.

Many are saying she is a mother lady( Obeah Woman) who turns into an Owl at night & Human in the day, but what happens is other evil forces lead her into the forest and trap her in the tree stuck and leave her to die but luckily the men found her.

While others are simply saying that she is a fallen Angel and God put her out of heaven.

But this is our theory here at Jamaica Media Online, We all by now should know there are Good and Evil Spirits out there in the world,

So what we are Assuming is that a Spirit has to lead her there and manipulate her mind into thinking that the Tree Trunk is her bed or something we don’t know we are assuming,

However whatever leads her there convince her to get into the tree trunk and leave her there to starve and die from hunger but luckily those men were passing by to go fishing and see her.

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