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Three Women Caught Smuggling Cocaine From Jamaica to UK

See the pictures of the three British women who were arrested for smuggling cocaine from Jamaica to UK.

The three women plead guilty for importing the class A drug that worth £50,000.

The women from are identified as: twenty year old catar Mattie from Eccles in greater Manchester, shantori Daniels who is twenty three year old from Birmingham, and twenty seven year old shaliquah Talbot also from Birmingham.

Talbot was sentenced to 32 months in present at the lewes crown court on Thursday. Daniels was also convicted and sentenced to 32 months in jail, while Mattie was sentenced to 3 years on the 9th of December in the same court.

According to the statement on the national crime agency (NCA) website, the three women were travelling on the same flight from Kingston Jamaica that arrived at arrived at Gatwick airport the 11th of November.

All three women were found with internal concealments of cocaine when searched by the border force officers at the airport. NCA reported that that total weight of the packages was just under a kilo. When interviewed all three women gave differing stories on how they got the illegal drugs.

Talbot and Daniels claim they met men at a restaurant and bar who gave them the drugs, while Mattie admitted that she was doing the drug run for some cash.

After the three women were subsequently charged; National crime agency Gatwick branch commander, Mark McCormack said that: these young women had their whole lives ahead of them, instead they chose to risk their immediate futures in pursuit of money, and will now have to live with the consequences.

He noted that the “organized crime groups need person like this to smuggle their illicit commodities into the Uk.

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