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Tommy Lee Being Accused Of Rygin King Shooting,He Begs To Be Free (Listen Audio Inside)

Attorney-at-law Ernest Smith was furious Thursday when the investigators who ought to have questioned his client, entertainer Tommy Lee Sparta, were a no-show, effectively wasting a whole day of his time, he said.

I wasted one whole day, the very persons who should have done the interviews were never informed. I was there from 11 o’clock yesterday.  There were no interviews, no question-and-answer, and Superintendent [Vernon] Ellis, who we made the arrangements with, was conveniently absent from his office.  C-TOC [Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime] said no arrangements have been made to interview my client.’ I cancelled several court appearances to be there,” a frustrated Smith told VenomSawse.com on Friday morning.

“Tommy Lee cried when he went to the station, ‘why every time I rise, you try to bring me down?’, Tommy Lee asked him. My client is being used as a scapegoat, he has lost over $100 million in revenue because there are some cops who keep locking down his shows,” Smith said.

“Tommy said everything happens in mobay a me, my name call rygin king get shot up the other day everybody says a Tommy lee, Everybody on social Media accuses me of something I know nothing about, and furthermore me and rygin a friend we good.

And now war a gwan inna mobay and people a dead inna flanker unu send come call me like me a wanted man or a me a run mobay mi tired a it now says Tommy lee.


Tommy Lee Sparta has been detained since Tuesday, under the current state of public emergency (SOE) in St James. He can be held for 90 days without being charged.

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