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White Florida Police Officer Knee On A Black Pregnant Woman’s Neck She Had A Miscarriage

A former Florida police officer has been charged with battery and misconduct after a video surfaced showing him putting his knee on a Black Pregnant woman’s neck.

The former officer had also used a stun gun on her outside a strip club in January it was announced by a Florida state attorney earlier this week according to NBC News.


The former police officer, who also lied on the police report he filed, is 30-year-old Jordy Yanes Martel and he turned himself into the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Miami office late last week. He is facing two counts of official misconduct and four counts of battery.

Martel, 30, turned himself in on Thursday and was held in lieu of $6,000 bail. Despite arrest documents released in the case, the South Florida Police Benevolent Association stated that “We are without the usual information provided regarding the arrest.”

A video of the incident, which was filmed by a bystander, showed Martel dragging the victim, Safiya Satchell, 33,

out of her car and forcing her down on a grass verge by the roadside. In the video clip, it shows Martel stunned the Black woman twice with a Taser, while another officer held Satchell’s arm as she struggled to free herself. She was four months pregnant at the time and later had a miscarriage.

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